Sometimes it’s not about whether you win or lose the argument…it’s about resolving conflict.


Where to start.

Let me start with an apology…because I really don’t like to go on rants…however I feel my brain about to explode.

So for a while now…I’ve had a person close to me who is dealing with a lot of emotional issues. By that…I mean not really dealing with things at all. And every time ANY topic is brought up…it’s turning into arguments that aren’t really WHAT their saying…but more of HOW. I literally mean it could be any topic that sets them off…and I’m very much not wanting more arguments so I just forfeit and walk away.

Its really hard to have someone mean SOO much to me, yet at the same time it’s hard to even be around them. Sometimes all I want is a conversation that doesn’t even usually address conflict…sometimes I just want to be able to speak (and be heard)…at all.

Anyone that really knows me knows just how seriously I take loyalty and friendship. So it’s not hard to understand why this particular topic is a huge one for me. At the end of the day I just want my friendship intact. I know that the issues they’re going through aren’t limited to just me…and it’s a struggle they have to deal with daily…so I’m really…and I mean REALLY trying…but it’s getting really hard. I’m really getting worried.

So yeah…that’s my overly stressed rant for the day.