Let’s start at the beginning…


Sooo…where to begin…

I’m Nicci. I’m 32…married to a man I much more than “slightly” adore.

My husband Heath and I met back in 2010 when him and I worked together. At the time he was married and I was in a relationship with my sons father for 8 years…so we were strictly friends. I can’t even estimate how many hours we just sat and talked…him telling me stories of his triplets (Jon, Jesika, and Steven) along with his youngest son Sebastian, and me telling him stories of my son (Michael), who is coincidentally the same age of his triplets). On the days he wasn’t there…I’d leave a subtle “Have a good day” message for him by leaving him his fav candy bar (Twix) on his desk.
Him and I had more than just a little in common…and the more I learned about him the more I found myself finding reasons to go see him. I’ll admit I was very fond of him…and he was the sweetest guy ever…but He was totally off limits and so was I…so everything was kept at work.

In 2010 I was battling a lot of episodes of chronic daily headaches, meningitis and pneumonia so I was missing a lot of time off work. I had explained to Heath about the headaches but never really explained just how bad they were. In Dec 2010…Christmas Eve… I was hospitalized for Meningitis.

Part of diagnosing Meningitis is by doing a spinal tap. Unfortunately there was a complication and bacteria was introduced into my L3-L4 disc causing Osteomyelitis Discitis. Basically it’s like little termites that eat the bone and break it apart. Since the treatment option was either take IV antibiotics, anti fungals and anti bacterials…for 4 months…or die…I obviously chose the meds. Although what I wasn’t thinking of at that time was just how life altering my diagnosis was.

In Jan of 2011…I had to stop working. My employer offered me my job back at any point but with my health spiraling out of control I knew I’d never work again. So I cleaned out my locker and desk and said goodbye to my friends…we’ll…most my friends anyways. Turns out Heath had that day off, so I wasn’t able to explain to him anything. All he knew was one day is was gone…and it’d be 2 years before we’d speak to each other again.

Fast forward to July 2012. The 19th to be exact. I log into FaceBook like I do everyday…and I instantly smile. A message from Heath?!?! All those times we just sat and talked and the fun and laughter we shared came pouring back. I had really missed him. My excitement ended pretty quickly when he started telling me about his wife, out of the blue, asking for a divorce. I could tell even through our conversation on FB that he was really upset…to the point I was really concerned.

Over the next couple days, we talked and talked and talked….about everything from how great of friends we were and how we wished we had stayed in contact. Heath was telling me that up until a month ago he thought things were fine…then all of a sudden his wife asked for a divorce. As my friend was telling me this…my heart broke for him. I could sense just how from his normal self he was…and I was really concerned. I made a date…as friends…to have a picnic at a spot overlooking the city for the next night.

Let’s just say that one “as friends meal” turned into something more valuable than all the money in the world. It turned into love.

Nov 12, 2012…we got engaged.

May 3, 2014… I became Mrs. Heath Crockett

Soo…this blog will be about Family…kids, kids and more kids….medical problems I’m going through (there’s a lot)…and Heath and i’s struggle as parents to my 13 yr old…his 13 yr old triplets (yes…you read that right…we have 4 13yr olds) and his 7yr old….our issues getting pregnant with a baby of our own….plus all the crazy day to day things in the Crockett family.