I’m a MOM!!! :)

Yesterday was a crazy day.

As most people look at Michael and I, they think Mother and Son.

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Michaels actually the son of my ex boyfriend Steven. I’m not related to Michael in any way…by blood anyways.

Steven and I were together for 8 years, and during that time, he was granted sole custody of Michael, whom we began to raise together. We never told Michael I was his Mom…Steven always called me Nicci. After about the first couple months Michael came to me with a question one morning while I was making him breakfast.

On rare occasions, Michael would slip up and call me Mom instead of Nicci. It started to get more and more frequent…

Not knowing what to say, Steven and I said nothing about his slipups.

That morning, Michael sat at the table with me and said “Am I allowed to call you my┬áMommy?”

Once again, I was a little slow with my response. This kid at 8 managed to do what any other man in my life had ever accomplished, regardless of how hard those men tried, to make me SPEECHLESS.

After thinking carefully and not wanting to overstep my boundaries, I replied with a simple “Well, is that what youd like?”

Michael grinned and gave the cutest giggle ever, and jumped from his chair onto my lap for a giant hug.

And so it began…


Steven and I continued to raise Michael together, with Michael and I growing closer than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes even I forgot the little boy I loved so much wasn’t actually biologically mine. I know that Michael apparently forgot sometimes too, because he came home from school and told me all about how he was made of part of my DNA, and part Stevens. I laughed and told him to ask his teacher clarify that for him. LOL

Steven and I broke up in 2012 after 8 years together. We had been best friends since we were 12, so thankfully we put the focus on what was best for Michael. I’m not going to go into unnecessary details, but the conclusion was it was best for Michael to stay with me.

Fast forward to 2015…and Steven and I can still effectively coparent and Michael is still with me. Steven works a lot more than he used to, so he doesn’t get to see Michael as much as I’d like, but otherwise things are great. Soo great in fact…I just filed for custody of him.

In Arizona, they have a type of custody given to people who have are a non relative raising a child. It’s called In Loco Parentis. I’ll spare the long story and skip to the end.

I was recently awarded sole custody and legal decision making rights to Michael. That boys held my heart since he was 5. I am ecstatic to finally LEGALLY be his Mom!